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Demharter to leave Pitman; Moore to lead

July 23, 2008

Demharter to leave Pitman; Moore to lead
Pitman Company, a major North American graphic arts supplier based in Totowa, NJ, USA, has announced that its president, Joe Demharter, will step down from the post at the close of the company’s current fiscal year on March 31, 2009. In accordance with the terms of his agreement with the company, he’ll remain on the board of directors and enter into a consulting arrangement. He has been president since 2001.
Peter J. Moore, executive vice president, sales, has been named to succeed him as president on April 1 of next year.
“Joe has headed the company during the technology revolution that has dramatically changed the business dynamics of the graphics industry,” says Paul F. Schmidt Jr., chairman and CEO. “In that environment, he expanded our portfolio of digital products and support services, successfully completed several important acquisitions that have widened our marketplace, and become a very visible and recognized industry leader. His valuable contributions have positioned Pitman Company for the next exciting phase of our growth when Peter Moore assumes the post.
“Ever since joining us,” Schmidt adds, “Peter has been a consistent contributor to Pitman’s success. We are delighted that he has accepted the appointment to his new role of leadership. He is a knowledgeable, solid executive who has earned the respect and admiration of our customers, our manufacturers and his colleagues throughout the company.”
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