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Harper updates Anilox Scoring Prevention Guide

July 23, 2008

Harper updates Anilox Scoring Prevention Guide
Harper Corporation of America, Charlotte, NC, USA, has published the fourth edition of its Anilox Scoring Prevention Guide. The 20-page booklet covers a range of anilox scoring issues, including how to recognize scoring problems, troubleshooting the sources, and general care of anilox rolls and anilox sleeves to prevent damage.
“Scoring damage can be frustrating,” says Mike Huey, technical graphics manager of the Western Division at Harper GraphicSolutions. “It impacts print quality, and if it goes unchecked, scoring can do extensive damage to an anilox inventory. This is definitely a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Illustrated with highly magnified photographs and line drawings, the guide offers detailed yet easily understandable information to assist press operators. The new edition contains updates on scoring prevention, additional information on doctor blades, an Ink Cleaner Cross Reference Guide of HarperScientific products, Harper’s 10 Tips for Anilox Roll Care & Maintenance, and 10 Tips for Anilox Sleeve Care & Maintenance.
For details, contact Alexander James or Mike Huey at 704-588-3371, or email or

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