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Sani-Blast launches

July 23, 2008

Sani-Blast launches
a new website
A website that will guide printers to anilox roll cleaning solutions has been launched by Sani-Blast LLC, Spring Grove, MN, USA. The address of the site is
The website re-introduces Sani-Blast’s anilox roll cleaning equipment and service offerings, particularly the rare on-press, soda blasting method of cleaning. Those who would like to try Sani-Blast’s cleaning service, done either on-press or off-press, can receive a cleaning quote through the website. The site details how soda blasting reaches the bottom of the anilox roll cells and extends the life of the roll.
Peter Mulheran, Sani-Blast’s owner, says, “One of our first priorities is to spread the word about the effectiveness of soda blasting and why it is the best solution for cleaning anilox rolls.”
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