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Transilwrap to distribute

July 23, 2008

Transilwrap to distribute
Valéron’s film products
Valéron Strength Films, Houston, TX, USA, a producer of high performance and specialty films, has formed a distributor partnership with Transilwrap Company. Transilwrap, a manufacturer and converter of plastics in the thermal laminating, printing, industrial, specialty packaging, and graphic arts market, will now distribute Valéron and V-Max printing films to customers throughout the United States. Transilwrap is headquartered in Franklin Park, IL, USA, with multiple distribution locations throughout the United States and Canada.
“We’re looking forward to the success of Transilwrap with the growth of Valéron and V-Max,” says Shelley Cooper, product sales manager for Valéron. “Transilwrap adds expanded sheeted offerings and other value add opportunities to our product lines.”
“Transilwrap is excited about our newly formed distributorship with Valéron and the unique products they manufacture,” says Cliff Brunson, product manager for Transilwrap. “The addition of the Valéron and V-Max products highlights our variety of printable substrates.”