And finally… Scotch labels go digital

Published July 23, 2008
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And finally… Scotch labels go digital
As its name indicates, Smith & McLaurin is a Scottish company, and another product of Scotland has been in the news lately. Not everyone appreciates how just-in-time deliveries and the proliferation of sub-brands has affected the labeling problems of Scotch Whisky, and in particular the increasingly popular single malts much appreciated by your correspondent and many other discerning connoisseurs. Scotland’s 130 distilleries each use an average of 65 different labels, according to Europe’s leading expert in the industry. Glenmorangie, which recently redesigned all its labels in a major rebranding exercise needed no less than 200 different label designs, with print runs going from 200,000 down to as little as 250. A Scottish label converter, Simpson Label, landed this technically challeng

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