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Ink drying system

July 23, 2008

Ink drying system
Research Inc.
Eden Prairie MN USA
Research Inc. introduces the newly improved Model 5060 Speed-Dri ink drying system. The Model 5060 provides infrared and convection technologies to dry ink printed on target areas up to 4" (102mm) wide. Fast responding, medium wave quartz lamps provide infrared heat directly to the printed ink resulting in the breakdown of the boundary layer and immediate evaporation of the ink solvent. An integrated fan blows past the lighted lamps resulting in heated air impingement on the target product surface. Line speeds of up to 350' (107 meters) per minute can be achieved using the Model 5060. The unit is 15" (381mm) long, 11.6" (294mm) high and 4.2" (107mm) wide. Individual units can be mounted end-to-end to