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amarco to consolidate Illinois manufacturing

September 3, 2008

amarco to consolidate Illinois manufacturing
Pamarco Global Graphics (PGG) has announced that operations at its plant in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA, will be moved into the Wheeling, IL, plant as of September. The Elk Grove Village plant is focused on the recovery of Pamarco’s Diamond brand rollers. The plant in Wheeling has been dedicated to the manufacture of Syn-tac rollers.
The move, according to Bill Ford, president of PGG Diamond, is part of the company’s strategy to integrate the group’s offset division. “The benefits from this move are many,” Ford says. “The obvious financial savings in plant overhead will enable us to maintain a competitive edge at a time when material, distribution and energy costs are rising at an unprecedented level. This will be further enhanced from the economies of scale available to us and the improved utilization of the Wheeling plant.
“From an operational point of view, it will provide a stronger management structure for the Illinois team to develop under. When looking at ‘best practice’, our Wheeling facility has been the leader in terms of lean manufacture, and we can use this to further enhance our roller recovery manufacturing techniques.”