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Tamper evident label utilizes intaglio printing

September 3, 2008

Tamper evident label utilizes intaglio printing
Sekuworks, Harrison, OH, USA, has introduced a security label product line combining intaglio currency printing with custom void release technology specific to each brand owner’s project. The new label structure allows for overt authentication in a universal language without the use of tools or readers and indicates tampering or attempted removal.
The label addresses multiple issues faced by today’s brands by offering overt/semi-covert authentication and tamper indication in a single package, says Bud Gray, VP security programs, commercial development, for Sekuworks. “The brands want an overt technology that doesn’t require them to buy and distribute costly devices so they can authenticate the product in the field,” Gray says. “Eyes to see and fingers to touch are all the tools you need to authenticate the label. The custom tamper feature has significantly reduced fraud for brand owners using this product.”
Intaglio print technology is used by every government on the globe to protect their currencies and is policed by the US Secret Service, Interpol and other governmental agencies. The raised print and semi-covert latent second images hidden in primary patterns are exclusive to intaglio print technology. These features combined with the policed, limited availability of manufacture create what is arguably the best overt authentication device available today.
“The plastic construction of the new label line is very user friendly and compatible with automatic application and wet environments,” Gray adds. “The security benefits of the label can be increased through the addition of numbering, coding, taggants, holograms, foils and other features. A variety of adhesives are available for label applications on corrugated, printed/varnished cartons, plastic bags, and other packaging materials. The label is also available in a set combined with a certificate of authenticity. This combo provides a track and trace coding system for supply chain security.”