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Sales up, profits down

October 14, 2008

Sales up, profits down
for French label printers
A study carried out in mid 2008 on France’s 60 biggest PS label converters shows rising 2007 sales for all but three of the top 20, but a less encouraging picture for pre-tax profits. Taking an arbitrary but widely accepted figure of 5 percent as the margin below which a successful label converter should not fall, only 20 of the 60 companies covered in the study made it into the “successful” category (and the bottom 15 percent all posted losses). The French label converting sector is increasingly foreign owned, with Bopack (Belgium) and Canada’s CCL holding between them 17 percent of the total French label market. French-owned label groups, by contrast, are neither aggressive exporters nor investors in foreign markets.
There is of course no truth in the rumor that this stay-at-home attitude is due to the rest of Europe’s stubborn unwillingness to speak French.