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Digital labelstock line introduced by MACtac

November 18, 2008

Digital labelstock line introduced by MACtac
MACtac, a supplier of pressure sensitive substrates based in Stow, OH, USA, has introduced the INDIE line of labelstocks engineered for HP Indigo presses.
“Studies show that approximately 35 percent of label jobs are produced in runs with fewer than 25,000 labels,” says Allison Hazel, marketing manager, MACtac Printing Products. “HP Indigo presses offer the best quality and most economical method for printing jobs of this size, but they require special media. To ensure the best possible quality and printability, each product in our new INDIE product line has been independently tested and certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).”
MACtac’s new INDIE products are available with MACtac’s Precise Program, allowing printers to order only what they need.
Available with a variety of facestocks that include semi-gloss, high-gloss, matte, wine label, films and eco-aware products, the INDIE product line is geared toward small-run applications, including prototyping, pharmaceuticals, gourmet foods, boutique wines, water bottles and health and beauty products.
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