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Sani-Blast relocates

January 27, 2009

Sani-Blast relocates
in Minnesota
Sani-Blast has announced the move to its new facility in Minneapolis, MN, USA, which combines the headquarters with the manufacturing and distribution facility. The company’s former headquarters was in Spring Grove, MN.
Sani-Blast manufactures automated on- and off-press anilox roll cleaning systems using baking soda. According to President Peter Mulheran, the cleaning systems can prolong the life of anilox rolls by returning them thoroughly cleaned. “Because the system is automated, the cleaning is precise and consistent, eliminating potential roll damage and the inconsistent cleaning of manual methods,” he says. Sani-Blast also offers on-site and send-in cleaning services.
The new facility includes a showroom for full demonstrations of the equipment. The new address is 6409 Goodrich Ave., Minneapolis MN 55426 USA.