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…come into the cold

January 27, 2009

…come into the cold
From its headquarters in a genteel resort town on England’s South coast, Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd. (CILS) makes and distributes a wide range of labels for “extreme” labeling situations. One of its latest creations is a tamper-evident label for oily, uneven or other “difficult” surfaces. Said to be impervious to cold, heat, humidity and abrasion, these labels leave a clear “void” message when they have been moved or removed.
Another CILS specialty was developed recently for the cryogenics sector, where medical or scientific products are stored at temperatures as low as -200° C, often in a bath of liquid nitrogen. Most substrates and adhesives cannot resist these conditions without detaching, cracking or fading, but CILS has developed substrates, inks and adhesives to meet these extreme requirements. The company, which also has a plant in Burlington, MA, USA, says it has a product range of over 10,000 durable labels to meet almost every scientific, medical and industrial need.
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