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If you canít stand the heatÖ

January 27, 2009

If you can’t stand the heat…
Germany’s Schreiner Group, which recently opened a plant in Blauvelt, NY, USA, has now set up a sales office in Shanghai. According to the company, this is “a first step towards moving out into totally new company potential.” Against a background of gloom and despair throughout Europe, and most especially in Germany, CEO Helmut Schreiner and his son Roland in a recent interview played up the importance of investing in new markets, in skilled people, and in the latest technology.
“Ever since the founding of the company,” said Helmut Schreiner, “we have plowed back profits to invest in people and processes. Yes, it’s a risky strategy, but if you don’t like risk you needn’t try to become an entrepreneur.” He should know, having built the Schreiner Group into a world leader in applying high-tech electronic label solutions for anything from credit cards to household appliances.