TLMI 2010 Awards

By Jack Kenny | November 11, 2010

Best of Show and First Place – Wine & Spirits, Flexography/Letterpress, Color Process

Prime ASL Print FX, Vaughan, ON, Canada
Product: Dan Aykroyd Sauvignon Blanc
Description/Challenges: Printed stochastically
to enhance print quality using holographic cold foil, UV flexo inks, gold hot stamp, matte/gloss varnish, raised varnish silkscreen.

Suppliers:Fasson, Sun Chemcial, Actega WIT, Kurz
ASL Print FX's All Stick Label takes the top prize in the 2010 TLMI Label Awards for its Dan Aykroyd Cabernet Sauvignon label. The Canadian converter won Best of Show for the label, as well as a first place award in the Wine & Spirits, Flexography/Letterpress, Color Process, Prime category. US converter Amherst Label won this year's Innovation Award for its Med-Sked Tabs, as well as first place in the the Flexography, Line, Prime category.

This year's competition drew 297 entries – 257 from North American members of the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute, and 40 from international members. First place awards were presented for 35 North American labels and tags, and for 17 international labels. Twenty-six second place awards were presented, four of them to international converters.

Eighteen companies won multiple awards. Multi-Color, which had 25 entries as a North American member and seven as an international member (Collotype Labels International), had eight first place awards and four in second place. McDowell Label & Screen Printing, which submitted 42 labels to the competition, won six firsts and two seconds.

The judging committee, chaired by Steve Lee of RotoMetrics, included Mike Buystedt, Flint Group Narrow Web; J. Page Crouch, Clemson University; Jim Flynn, Gallus; Gary Gordon, Mark Andy; Pat Hague, Actega WIT; Ray Mackura, Avery Dennison Fasson Roll; Mac Rosenbaum, PCMC/Aquaflex; Robert Smithson, Trinity Corporation; and Paul Teachout, Harper Corporation of America.

First Place – Wine & Spirits, Offset, Color Process, Prime (International)
Collotype Labels International Holdings, Miles End, South Australia

Product: The V Spot

Description/Challenges: Printed offset 200# with four color process at 53 fpm.

Suppliers: Kodak, DIC, RotoMetrics, Avery Dennison

First Place – Offset, Color Process, Prime (International)
Pilot Italia, Usmate Velate, Italy

Product: Sagra Bassa Acidità

Description/Challenges: To print over a silver foil applied on transparent substrate. Printed using cold printed foil, offset, flexography.

Suppliers: Nilpeter, Sun Chemical, API, Fasson

First Place – Flat Screen Printing (Rollfed Only), Line, Prime
DRG Technologies, Safford, AZ, USA

Product: Temposonics L Series

Description/Challenges: Three colors UV ink, flatbed roll-to-roll screenprint using both 280 and 300 mesh screens. Product must withstand abrasion and chemical washes.

Suppliers: 3M, Norcote, Fasson

First Place – Flexography, Color Process, Non-Prime
Consolidated Products, Knoxville, TN, USA

Product: Patient ID Card

Description/Challenges: Print on 8 pt. tag stock, two sides,
four color process with three spot colors, laminated, sheeted
and 100 percent inspection required.

Suppliers: Mark Andy, Imagework, Harper, Monarch, Wilson, Fasson, acpo.

First Place – Digital Printing, All Other
Schreiner Group, Munich, Germany

Product: Contactless mobile sticker

Description/ Challenges: Produce a sticker to provide quick and convenient payments of small amounts of money without a PIN. It must be safe from tampering, counterfeiting or theft. RFID must be usable on metal surfaces.

Suppliers: HP Indigo, Ritrama.

First Place – Gravure, Color Process, Prime
Multi-Color, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Product: Dawn Home Essentials

Description/Challenges: The label was gravure printed using solvent based inks with a flood coat solvent varnish. Due to the detailed, life-like process image, the cylinders were engraved at 200 lpi.

First Place – Wine & Spirits, Offset, Color Process, Prime
York Label, Omaha, NE, USA

Product: Decoy Pinot Noir

Description/Challenges: Combination high-line process printing in combination with stochastic magenta. Sculpted emboss to enhance the decoy illustration. Printed using UV offset lithography, deboss texture, semi-rotary hot stamping, matte rotary screen tactile, sculpted flat emboss, UV flexo, magnetic diecutting.

First Place – Coupon
Smyth Companies, St. Paul, MN, USA

Product: The Silver Ticket

Description/Challenges: In-pack gaming promotion with sports event related theme. The coupon needed to withstand the demands of ultra high speed label applications. Special perf patterns on game piece and fanfold web, tight release liner to prevent label from predispensing. Printed using UV flexo, thermal inkjet.

First Place – Digital Printing: Household Goods
Labelad, Markham, ON, Canada

Product: Boo-Nilla scented votives

Description/Challenges: Client did not want label too bright and cheery but dark and gloomy. Digital press, offline diecut
& varnish, 4 color & varnish 180 line screen.

Suppliers: UPM Raflatac, EskoArtwork, HP Indigo, Omega, Sun Chemical, RotoMetrics.

First Place – Promotional
Logmatix, Marietta, GA, USA

Product: Elasta QP Soy Oyl

Description/Challenges: Glass door and window cling. Used as advertisement for the product line at retail stores. Printed using flexography.

Suppliers: Green Bay Packaging, Actega WIT, Zeller+Gmelin, MacDermid via JV Imaging, Harper, RotoMetrics

First Place – Promotional (International)
Germark, Barcelona, Spain

Product: Danet

Description/Challenges: Develop a removable adhesive so when the poster is removed from the cooler there is no adhesive residue. The final step was to print the front label, apply two strips of adhesive-reserve, laminate and diecut.

Suppliers: ExxonMobil Chemical, Wink Stanzwerkzeuge, Siegwerk, Omet.

First Place – Wine & Spirits, Flexography/ Letterpress, Color Process, Prime (Int'l)
KimBells pack, Quezon City, Philippines

Product: Don Roberto's Coffee Wine

Description/Challenges: The label needed to take the form of a leaf from a coffee plant.
In-house blade fabrication was used to execute the concept. The blade was prepared manually and not electronically. The challenge was to make the coffee beans "pop" when applied to its black package. Printed using four UV letterpress process colors, silkscreen, printed on an inline flatbed screen and semi-rotary letterpress. Hot stamping/diecutting for the gold leaf structrure design, lamination, and leaf contour diecutting.

Suppliers: Amron, Siegwerk, Toka, Ruco, Graficon, Iwasaki, Miraclon

Innovator Award – First Place – Flexography, Line, Non-Prime
Amherst Label, Milford, NH, USA

Product: Med-Sked Tabs

Description/Challenges: Take a concept and develop a medical dosage schedule label. The label must have no release and create a bond, no adhesive and the tabs must be removed. The liner had to be clear allowing for information to be visible.

Suppliers: International Tape Products, 3 Sigma, Actega WIT, Harper, Asahi plates.

First Place – Tags, Merchandising
McDowell Label & Screen, Plano, TX, USA

Product: Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts

Description/Challenges: Extremely tight reverse register, very tight color matching standards to previously run items with a unique sheeted design. Printed using HD UV flexo.

Suppliers: Fasson, Actega WIT

First Place – Wine & Spirits, Flexography/Letterpress, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime
Bonham Label, Livermore, CA, USA

Product: Van Ruiten Pinot Noir

Description/Challenges: Diecutting/stripping challenge.
Single level and sculpted multiple level embossing. Spot gloss varnish. Printed using six-color UV flexo, two water varnishes, one UV spot gloss varnish, polymer background emboss, multi-level sculpted emboss combined with raised round emboss.

Suppliers: UPM Raflatac, Kocher+Beck, RotoMetrics, Trinity Graphics, Infinity Foils, Metal Magic Engraving


Amherst Label (Innovation Award)
– Med-Sked Tabs
Flexography, line, prime

ASL Group - All Stick Label (Best of Show)
– Dan Aykroyd Sauvignon Blanc
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, color process, prime

Bonham Label
– Van Ruiten Pinot Noir
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, line, prime
– Pilot Peak Syrah
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, line, prime

Collotype Labels USA
– Artesa Chardonnay
Wine & Spirits, offset, line, prime

Consolidated Label
– Kaña Cuban Coffee Roasters
Digital Printing, food & beverage products

Consolidated Products
– Patient ID card
Flexo, color process, non-prime

Dow Industries
– Shark Fin Tungsten Darts
Digital Printing, all other

DRG Technolo­­­­­­gies
– Temposonics L Series
Flat Screen Printing (rollfed only), line, prime

Label Technology
– Columbus Calabrese Salame
Flexo, line, prime

– Boo-Nilla
Digital Printing, household goods
– Quest Vitamin E
Digital Printing, health & beauty products

– Lean 'N Complete
Flexo, color process, prime

– Elasta QP Soy Oyl

McDowell Label & Screen Printing
– Crave bronzer
Multi-Process, color process, prime
– Wicked tanning lotion
Roll-to-roll, line & screen/tone, prime
– OC Show Off tanning lotion
Roll-to-roll, color process, prime
– Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer
Rotary Screen, line prime
– Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts
Tags, merchandising
Medical label
– EDP Label

MPI Label Systems of California
Sloth Zinfandel
– Multi-Process, line & screen/tone, prime

– Leinenkugel beer label
Gravure, color process, non-prime
– göt2b fat-tastic hair spray
Gravure, line, prime
– Mobil Delvac 1
Non-Pressure Sensitive, all processes/cut & stack, color process, prime
– Dawn Home Essentials
Gravure, color process, prime
– Schlitz OML
Gravure, line & screen/tone, non-prime

National Label
– Lubriderm
Multi-Process, line, prime
– Rave 4X Mega hair spray
Gravure, line & screen/tone, prime

Smyth Companies
– Herman Joseph's Private Reserve
Flexo, line & screen/tone, prime
– The Silver Ticket

– O'Doul's
Non-Pressure Sensitive, all processes/cut & stack, line & screen/tone, prime

Tapp Technologies
– Quail's Gate Fortified Vintage Foch
Offset, color process, prime

WS Packaging
– Miro Petite Sirah
Digital Printing, wine & spirits (beer)

York Label
– Decoy Pinot Noir
Wine & Spirits, offset, color process, prime
– Jade Mountain Chardonnay
Wine & Spirits, offset, line & screen/tone, prime


Collotype Labels International
– House of Arras Grand Vintage
Wine & Spirits, offset, line/prime
– The V Spot
Wine & Spirits, offset, color process, prime
– Chandon Prestige Cuvee
Wine & Spirits, offset, line & screen/tone, prime

– Danet
– Etienne Aigner
Multi-Process, line, prime
– Disney Tattoos
Flexo, line & screen/tone, non-prime
– Foguera Blanc
Digital Printing, wine & spirits (beer)
– Oleura
Digital printing, food & beverage products

KimBells pack
– Don Roberto's Coffee Wine
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, color process, prime
– Vital R5 Collagen Soap
Paperboard/Rigid Packaging
– Efficascent ointment
Multi-Process, line & screen/tone, prime

Labelgraphics (Glasgow)
– Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whisky
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, line & screen/tone, prime

Pilot Italia
– Sagra Bassa Acidità
Offset, color process, prime
– Grappa Barrique
Wine & Spirits, flexo/letterpress, line prime

– Label with self-lifting, detachable parts
Flat Screen Printing (rollfed only)
– Contactless mobile sticker
Digital Printing, all other
– Self-adhesive lighting strip
Rotary Screen, line, non-prime
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