New Products

A B Graphic International

November 30, -0001

A B Graphic International has announced the development of the Flytec F2010, a standalone printing and converting system that permits inkjet printing, slitting and rewinding in one step. The F2010 can be supplied for rewind web widths of 13" or 16" and performs 100 percent print-face inspection through an integrated FleyeVision camera that also allows the production of pharmaceutical or safety labels. The machine comes prepared for integration with an inkjet printer to permit serial numbers, sell-by dates and bar codes on either side of the web to be produced. Slitting is through scissor or razor blade system. Options include fly-cut slitting and a  second rewind shaft. The system is capable of handling roll diameters up to 27.5" at winding speed up to 656 fpm.

A B Graphic International
Bridlington East Yorkshire UK