New Products


November 30, -0001

Norcross Corp has introduced the Norcross VISC6000 Viscosity Control System, a PLC-based process control system that operates viscosity sensors and can monitor and control up to 10 stations through an intuitive touch screen interface. Featuring trend plot software, this control system displays trend data for each station in real-time, provides data logging for one hour up to seven days, and permits set-point and other viscosity parameter adjustments on-the-fly. Capable of displaying set-point, actual viscosity, and automatic/manual mode for each trend plot, the Norcross VISC6000 Viscosity Control System can be equipped with pH and temperature control options.  Compatible with all Norcross equipment, it can be easily retrofit to existing applications that include adhesives, chemicals, coatings, lacquers, inks, and more.