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Published November 30, -0001
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In response to new demands in food label and packaging, Flint Group has introduced the Flexocure Ancora ink series. Flexocure Ancora is a high performance low migration UV flexo ink range designed to provide a very low migration potential in compliance with the demands of the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21). Flexocure Ancora provides excellent press performance at high printing speeds, very good adhesion and excellent scratch resistance on synthetic substrates. UV inks consist of a range of different ingredients, with the photo-initiators and monomers commonly used being considered as potential migrating substances. When formulating UV curing products for food labels and packaging, careful consideration in regard to ingredients must be made in order to optimize both overall press performance and produce an ink that can be used on food packaging while meeting stringent requirements.

Plymouth MN USA

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