New Products

Schreiner MediPharm

November 30, -0001

Schreiner MediPharm has developed a specialty film that shields participants in clinical trials from seeing any trial-threatening labeling information on the blister packs of placebos and active drugs. Efficient blinding of blister packs poses a challenge: The label must opaquely cover the pack but the film must be thin enough to allow the user to easily extract the pills. The new Schreiner MediPharm blinding film uses special ink that makes the thin label impervious to light while allowing users to extract pills from the blister without applying additional force. Since the material consistently exhibits the same properties, it can be used on blister packs of various sizes and regardless of any individual cavity configurations. The film is also difficult to effectively detach; due to the specific properties of the material it is destroyed upon attempts to peel it off.

Blauvelt NY USA