TLMI 2011 Awards

November 18, 2011

For the second consecutive year, ASL Print FX has won the top prize in the TLMI Label Awards – this year for its Red Tile Chardonnay label.

For the second consecutive year, ASL Print FX has won the top prize in the TLMI Label Awards – this year for its Red Tile Chardonnay label. The Canadian converter won Best of Show for the label, as well as a first place award in the Wine & Spirits, Flexography/Letterpress, Color Process, Prime category. German converter Schreiner MediPharm won this year’s Innovation Award for its Needle Trap, as well as first place in the the Flexography, Line, Non-Prime category.

This year’s competition drew 250 entries – 212 from North American members of the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute, and 38 from international members. First place awards were presented for 40 North American labels and tags, and for 15 international labels. Twenty-one second place awards were presented, two of them to international converters.

Nine companies won multiple awards. McDowell Label & Screen Printing took home 16 awards: 11 first place and five second place. As a corporate entity, Multi-Color Corporation won 23 awards: 10 for Multi-Color, six for Collotype Labels International, five for Collotype Labels USA, and two for the recently acquired York Label.

The judging committee, chaired by Steve Lee of RotoMetrics, included Mike Buystedt, Flint Group Narrow Web; J. Page Crouch, Clemson University; Jim Flynn, Gallus; Jim Harris, Actega WIT; Ray Mackura, Avery Dennison Fasson Roll; J. Michael Rivera, Amagic Holographics; Steve Schulte, Mark Andy; Robert Smithson, Trinity Graphic USA; and Paul Teachout, Harper Corporation of America.

Best of Show
First Place, North American
Wine & Spirits, Flexography/
Letterpress, Color Process, Prime

ASL Print FX

Product: Red Tile Chardonnay
Description/Challenges: Multiple process involved with this construction: silkscreens, hot stamping, UV treatments, varnish. 20 micron stochastic process image, red hot stamp, 11 stations for construction.

First Place, International

Gravure, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime

Novelprint Sistemas De Etiquetagem

Product: Balada 51 Ice
Description/Challenges: In this innovative construction process, the artwork is internal printed between two clear BOPP films using transparent yellow ink and a metallic ink layer in register to achieve a metallic yellow look. The special pressure sensitive adhesive for freeze and water proofing was applied in the same pass. It was printed with 220 line screen, four colors, two adhesive coating units, and two lamination stations. Engraving tool angle was 130 degrees. Running speed was 200 fpm. The PS adhesive was required to pass an ice bucket test and an alcohol resistance test.
Supplier Data: Rotograf 10-color gravure press; Rotomaster gravure cylinders; MLC die; Polo 40 micron clear BOPP, Polo 17 micron clear BOPP, Novelprint 40 micron siliconized clear BOPP liner; SICPA inks, Novelprint adhesive formulation.

First Place, North American, Non-PS, All Processes/Cut & Stack, Line, Prime

Standard Register

Product: Ames True Temper wheelbarrow label
Description/Challenges: It took a series of artwork changes to get this piece to look as vibrant as possible. The customer wanted us to get our yellow ink to match the color of the plastic resin that the label would cover. Production required a screen coat primer, UV inks with two UV overprint varnishes, magnetic die, photopolymer plates.
Printing Processes: Flexographic printing press, photopolymer plates, Harper aniloxes, UV inks, magnetic dies, in line sheet and stack for delivery
Supplier Data: Mark Andy press; Schawk; Harper anilox rolls; RotoMetrics die; PPG; Flint inks.

First Place, North American

Digital Printing, Food & Beverage Products

Digital Label Solutions

Product: Arrowhead Syrup & Sales, Devil’s Island Liquid Energy
Description/Challenges: Because we required metalized stock to create the faux gold hot stamp look, we could not use a clear substrate to create the appearance of multiple art elements on a single label. There were many sharp angles and small punch-out areas within the magnetic semi-rotary die within our customer’s budget. We also had concerns about stripping the matrix on our diecutter. The manufacturing process we used reduced or eliminated the above challenges.
Supplier Data: HP Indigo press.

First Place, International
Flexography, Color Process, Non-Prime

Schreiner Group

Product: Needle Trap
Description/Challenges: The label-integrated plastic needle trap serves to secure the blood-contaminated needle after the injection and thus helps to prevent accidental needle stick injuries in healthcare practice. Additional detachable label parts enable reliable and efficient documentation of the injection administered. For the first time an injection-molded part has been combined with a label or film.

First Place, International

Multi-Process, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime

KimBells Pack

Product: Reine Forever Night Cream
Description/Challenges: The label design lacked striking features to attract the end user, so we used metalized silver paper and added the “Magic Flash” effect. The small order quantity was challenging, as was registration for diecutting.
Printing Processes: White base, green, violet, red, cyan, magenta, and yellow were printed using intermittent letterpress, including diecutting. The Magic Flash design and violet text were printed on a rollfed screen press.

First Place, InternationalWine & Spirits, Offset, Color Process, Prime

Collotype Labels International

Product: Box Head Shiraz
Description/Challenges: Printed four-color process with a matte varnish, run at 98 fpm on uncoated stock.
Supplier Data: Nilpeter MO 3300 press, Kodak, RotoMetrics, Avery Dennison Killer White Elite PE, DIC

First Place, North American

Roll to Roll, Color Process, Prime

McDowell Label & Screen Printing

Product: Sexification silicone bronzer
Description/Challenges: The artwork required extremely tight registration for the process image, spot colors, screen tones, and tactile doming. Printed both sub and post surface.
Printing Processes: HD UV Flexo, foil stamping, rotary screen doming
Supplier Data: Gallus, RotoMetrics, Bonset, Actega WIT

First Place, North American
Rotary Screen, Line/Non-Prime

DRG Technologies

Product: Hoover Triple Air vacuum cleaner label
Description/Challenges: Difficult to achieve full rich coverage but still hold open fine line and screen gradient. Difficult registration on Hoover logo.
Supplier Data: Smag Galaxy, Mathias, FLEXcon bright silver polyester, Norcote

First Place – North American

Wine & Spirits, Offset, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime

York Label

Product: Diseño Old Vine Malbec 2010
Description/Challenges: Maintain the look of detailed medallion and hold registration
Printing Processes Used: rotary screen, hot stamp, embossing

First Place – North American
EDP Label

Amherst Label

Product: Heavenly Peace direct mail labels
Description/Challenges: Printed flexo, press speed 255 fpm, four-color process, PMS 871, PMS 348 on front, black with halftones on back, tight registration with fine detail. Customer wanted gold to “pop,” but we needed to keep fine borders clean. The labels are imprinted with names as part of a direct mail package.
Supplier Data: 18” Propheteer; Digital MVP (McDermid) plates, RotoMetrics print cylinders & dies; Harper anilox rolls; RotoMetrics perf tool; Raflatac midgloss laser; Actega WIT inks.

First PlaceWine & Spirits

Flexography/Letterpress, Line, Prime (International)

Labelgraphics (Glasgow)

Product: Tamova Vodka
Description/Challenges: This complicated label was supplied to a customer who required a foiled label on a no-label look effect with premium quality metal emboss and tactile feel. The job was printed six colors flexo; screen tactile varnish and hot foiled.
Supplier Data: Gallus RCS press, Cyrel Fast plates, Cheshire Engraving, Gerhardt, Fasson polypropylene with polyester liner (80 gsm), Sun Chemical

First Place – Promotional

Label Impressions, Inc.

Product: Fuji Food Static Cling
End Use: Labels are applied to glass doors in markets.
Printing Processes: Printed with water-based CMYK inks, finished with a gloss UV coating, diecut and sheeted inline.
Supplier Data: Nilpeter 3510 press, Asahi Kasei AFP DSF plates, Esko HD Flexo screens, RotoMetrics cylinders, Harper anilox rolls, Die Craft tooling, UPM Raflatac static cling with layflat liner, Environmental Inks HD Inks.

First Place, North American

Digital Printing, All Other

RR Donnelley

Product: Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts
Description/Challenges: Gathering Leaves candle jar label
Description/Challenges: Printed on a digital label press with a matte topcoat applied for a vintage look.
Supplier Data: HP Indigo 4500, RotoMetrics die, UPM Raflatac Kromekote Highgloss, permanent adhesive

First Place – Gravure
Color Process, Prime

Multi-Color Corporation

Product: Dawn Home Essentials
Description/Challenges: Facial tones and eye quality were critical. Depth of color in hair and whites of teeth needed to look realistic. Highlights on skin could not wash out. Although photo reproduction was important, quality of the rest of the label could not be sacrificed. Inks laid down in reverse order to trap image between film and product. Backed with HD white.
End Use: Shrink aerosol can which would go through a water bath to detect leaks. Sleeve was meant to hide can rust and also reduce potential of rust through a water repelling additive.
Supplier Data: 10-station gravure press, clear PETG shrink film, process plus PMS plus HD white plus water repelling additive.

First Place – Wine & Spirits

Flexography/Letterpress, Line & Screen/Tone, Prime

G3 Enterprises

Product: Genesis Riesling 2010
Description/Challenges: This label was previously printed web offset. It was very important that the screen around the edge faded to zero. The coating was special pearl flakes so that the label shimmers when moved around in light. Registration is critical with all of the small detail of the vines and leaves. Seven colors plus coating, rotary screen, two embossings.

TLMI 2011 Award Winners


Collotype Labels USA
Santa Barbara Collection
Digital printing, wine & spirits (beer)
Kenwood Artist Series
Wine & spirits, offset, color process, prime

DRG Technologies
Team Realtree
Flexo, color process, non-prime

Envision Label
Dymatize Xpand Xtreme Pump
Multi-process, line & screen/tone, prime

Label Technology
Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouch
Roll to roll, color process, prime

South Coast Winery Blanc De Noir
Wine & spirits, flexo/letterpress, line & screen/tone, prime
South Coast Winery Wild Horse Peak
Wine & spirits, flexo/letterpress, color process, prime

McDowell Label & Screen Printing
Made in the USA
Tags, industrial and/or systems
Classic Scent Lotion
Flexo, line & screen/tone, prime
Sadler’s Smokehouse Sliced Beef Brisket
Flexo, color process, prime
Multi-process, color process, prime
Pure Glam
Roll to roll, line, prime

MPI Label Systems of California
Non-PS, all processes/cut & stack, color process, prime

Multi-Color Corporation
Leinenkugel’s Limited Neck Label
Gravure, line, non-prime
Bick’s Sweet Green Relish
Gravure, color process, prime
Castrol Syntec Gear Oil
Non-PS, all processes/cut & stack, line & screen/tone, prime

National Label
Lubriderm Lotion
Multi-process, line, prime

RR Donnelley
Carfax Decal/Postcard

York Label
Artesa Tesoro 2007
Wine & spirits, offset, line & screen/tone, prime


Collotype Labels International
Wine & spirits, offset, line, prime

Wine & spirits, offset, line & screen/tone, prime