New Products

Electrostatic Charging Generator

January 15, 2012

Simco-Ion’s new MCM-30 compact and lightweight electrostatic charging generator supplies high-voltage for a variety of charging bars and charging applicators used to electrostatically bond various types of materials. The compact size and 24V input allows for the generator to be installed near applicators and charging bars, which minimizes the need for long, high-voltage cables. Operation can be manually switched to voltage or current mode to suit the application. Shock resistant and weighing less than two pounds, the MCM-30 is ideal for direct-mounting to gantry or robot arms in automatic stack pinning processes.The LED-lit front panel indicates the unit’s operating condition and displays the level of adjustable output up to 30 kV at 1 mA. It is available in positive and negative polarities.

Hatfield PA USA