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Material Handler

January 15, 2012

Appleton Mfg. has introduced the battery-powered RollMover, designed to increase productivity and worker safety and can be used to move large master rolls of paper, fabric, tissue, towel or other paper, nonwovens and fiberglass materials. RollMover is capable of moving loads between 100 to more than 50,000 pounds. It comesinthreedifferentmodels:StandardDuty (SD) RollMover can safely move loads up to 6,500 pounds, the Heavy Duty (HD) model can manage larger loads of 50,000 pounds or more, and the HD Large Roller model offers the same capabilities as the HD model but includes a large, contoured drive wheel designed for damage-free moving of soft material rolls,including tissue and nonwovens.

Appleton Mfg.
Neenah WI USA