New Products

Rotary Feed Unit

January 15, 2012

AZCO Corp. has introduced the ACU- SERT CI-250, a rotary, cut-to-length, self-contained feed unit that can be positioned anywhere on a production line. It automatically feeds rolls of material up to 250 mm/9" wide. A photo optic eye system detects the registration mark and accurately cuts the 62 Label & Narrow Web material. Take-away rollers then feed the cut material into the package. The ACU-SERT CI-250 includes a color touch screen and an operator control panel. The unit is mounted on a base plate; the roll of material is mounted on a separate unwind stand and the outfeed rollers can be adjusted from a horizontal to a 45 degree angle downward. Speeds are up to 300 inserts per minute.

AZCO Corp.
Fairfield NJ USA