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IST METZ officially launches the MBS-6

March 7, 2012

In January, UV curing specialist IST METZ hosted a select group of journalists and converters to announce the official launch of the new MBS-6 UV curing system. The event included detailed presentations about the MBS-6 from IST executives and engineers, as well as user testimonials. On hand were two converters, X-Rite and Oscar Mahl, who discussed their
experiences with the MBS-6, and the advantages the new system provides. Following the presentations, attendees were given a tour of the IST manufacturing facility and were then taken to the Oscar Mahl plant for an opportunity to see the MBS-6 in action.

Dirk Jagers, CEO for IST METZ, touts the new MBS-6 as the “most efficient UV system in the world.” He emphasized that MBS-6 achieves this distinction with a lamp output of 120 W/cm, but with the same curing results as with 200 W/cm. Additional features, Jager explained, include an air-cooling system, new URS Duo Reflector Geometry, the ELC and FLC, and a quick change cassette.

“The MBS-6 improves your energy balance,” Jager said. “It reduces production costs by lowering energy consumption, reduceds carbon emissions, and is highly efficiency with a comparatively low initial investment. Also, the MBS-6 gives printers increased operational availability by way of reduced downtime and service times,” Jager said.

The system’s ELC is its standard electronic power supply device. It features stepless dimming of the UV lamp, and is housed via a clever, compact stacking concept. “This reduces space requirements and allows for easy accessibility. And it’s based on our single connecting cable philosophy,” Jager explained.

Jager also discussed how the design of the MBS-6 simplifies cassette changing – the new system allows access to the inner housing and removal without touching a single screw. “ Supply connections couple automatically, so times for maintenance are dramatically reduced,” Jager said, referring to the FLC (Fast Lamp Change) component. “The UV lamps can be removed from the lamp housing in a few simple steps. It is possible to change a lamp in just a few seconds. So the press is available for more hours of production.”

The MBS-6 has been graded as energy efficient by the German Professional Association for Printing and Paper Processing and therefore bears the label E3 Energy Efficient Equipment label.
In addition, as a world-first in its class, the MBS-6 has received the “DGUV Test”  signet for tested safety, certifying approval from the German social accident commision. The DGUV’s Bernhard Kuter describes just what this certification means. “With the DGUV test, our goal is to promote the occupational safety of products, and this coincides with out customers goals, that safe products are a good selling point,” he said.

Following a tour of the IST METZ manufacturing facility, attendees traveled to Schwäbisch Hall for a chance to see on press application of the MBS-6 at Oscar Mahl GmbH & Co, a medium-sized family owned label printer with about 80 employees.

Erwin Oscar Mahl, CEO, described how the MBS-6 fits in with his company’s philosophy. “The whole production is based on modern technical equipment, and our customer’s have the highest demands in regard to quality.” Mahl said. On display was the company’s Gallus EM280 6-color press, equipped with 6 MBS-6 UV curing units.

“Since installing the new units, we have seen a significant reduction in our energy costs,” Mahl said. “With the reduction of lamp output to 120 W/cm, we’re seeing identical drying results and production speeds when compared to a system with 160 W/cm lamp output. “We’re also enjoying an extended lamp life of approximately three times longer than our previous units, and an extended reflector life of about four times longer.”