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Martin Automatic teams with Taiyo in Beijin

March 7, 2012

A Martin Automatic butt splicer at Taiyo
Kikai’s booth at the All in Print China Show
Martin Automatic partnered with Taiyo Kikai at the recent All in Print China show, which was held in Beijing, to demonstrate two Taiyo Kikai presses running continuously with Martin Automatic splicers and rewinds. A Taiyo Kikai central impression cylinder letterpress featured a Martin Automatic MBSC butt splicer and STR turret rewind. Martin Automatic also supplied a model MBS butt splicer and LRD transfer rewind on a new Taiyo offset press.

Gavin Rittmeyer, vice president of sales and marketing for Martin Automatic, complimented He-Liang Qi, general manager of Shanghai Xinmin Taiyo Kikai Co., on the successful exhibition. “Taiyo is quite forward thinking to market fully automated presses to their customers. This reflects Taiyo’s commitment to consider all aspects of a customer’s needs, including their needs for reducing down time, eliminating waste and ensuring maximum productivity. By including Martin Automatic roll changers, Taiyo is helping customers optimize their return on investment in a press line and maintain an aggressive business model.”

Martin Automatic is headquartered in Rockford, IL, USA.
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