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New sustainable wine labelstock is launched

March 7, 2012

Monadnock Paper Mills of Bennington, NH, USA, and G3 Enterprises of Modesto, CA, USA, have together developed an environmentally sustainable wine label paper. According to the companies, G-Tree paper can be used on all bottling lines, including those utilizing high-speed and mobile bottling application equipment.

“The collaboration of two multigenerational family-owned businesses resulted in the development of the most cost effective, environmentally sound labels of the 21st century,” says Richard Verney, chairman and chief executive officer of Monadnock.

Manufactured from 100 percent post-consumer recycled fiber, the paper has one of the greenest environmental footprints of any labelstock currently offered, the company claims. The recycled fiber consists of sorted office paper that has had at least one useful life before being recycled. The paper had to meet the rigors of bottling, including tensile and tear strength, brightness, embossing and scuff resistance that would be equal to or better than current paper stocks.

“Not only will the label be visually appealing to all consumers, we know that it will easily meet the needs of both eco-conscious consumers and wineries,” says Tom Gallo, vice president of strategic development at G3 Enterprises.

The labelstock is made using 100 percent renewable electricity, is processed chlorine-free, and is manufactured carbon-neutral. In addition, the fiber waste created during the manufacturing process is captured, processed and reused as compost for crops and bedding for livestock.
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