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Eco-friendly Baler

March 8, 2012

Precision AirConvey Corp. has intro- duced the EcoPAC Baler, which features a proprietary, rotary design that automatically densifies waste into a bagged, palletized cube for easy waste removal via lift truck and ef- ficient transport for recycling while promot- ing a clean environment. Ideal for baling edge trim, label matrix and other converting, print- ing, mailing and packaging waste, the clever EcoPAC Baler collects and densifes the pa- per, plastic film, PSA or other waste material conveyed from a pneumatic trim system used in conjunction with a material-air separator while diverting the air to an acceptable lo- cation.The EcoPAC Baler was developed in accordance with a variety of OSHA directives and standards.

Precision AirConvey Corp.
Newark DE USA