New Products

Digital Imager

April 19, 2012

Anderson & Vreeland Inc. has collaborated with EskoArtwork to develop the CDI Spark 2420, a new digital imager specifically designed for the tag and label market to simplify transition to a digital workflow. It is now available exclusively from Anderson & Vreeland Inc. According to the company, this entry-level digital imaging system offers the benefits of digital plates without the cost of unnecessary features. The CDI Spark 2420 images a full size 24" x 20" / 609 x 508 mm plate of arbitrary thickness in 23 minutes. It images with variable resolutions from 2000 to 2540 ppi, and is capable of screen rulings up to 200 lpi, with halftone imaging from 1-99%. The CDI Spark 2420 is equipped with a high-power fiber laser for high quality and productivity, and comes with a vacuum drum for plate loading via tape.

Anderson & Vreeland Inc.
Bryan, OH USA