New Products

threaded plugs

May 24, 2012

J.W. Winco Inc. now offers series GN 441 and GN 442 Threaded Plugs with Finger Grip. These RoHS-compliant plugs are available with NBR seal (GN 441) or VITON seal (GN 442). The threaded plugs have an external diameter matching the screw-in holes for DIN 3852 pipe bolt connections. The seal is embedded in a radial recess on the plane side, which makes the seal captive, so it cannot be squeezed out during tightening. The seal is also relatively soft, enhancing the sealing effect even on uneven surfaces. The finger grip allows for easy turning. Plug bodies are made of aluminum, with either a tumbled matte finish or black plastic coated finish, and are available without vent holes. Threaded plugs with dipstick is available upon request.

J.W. Winco Inc.
New Berlin WI USA