New Products

In-line Primer

July 10, 2012

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) is now a distributor for Michelman in-line primer products for the HP Indigo 6000 and 6600. MGX can now provide end-to-end products for all HP Indigo presses, including those furnished with an in-line priming unit. MGX will provide three Michelman products as a part of their distributorship agreement: Michem In-Line Primer 030, Michem Clean 1188, and Michem Indicator 001. Michem In-Line Primer 030 applies a print-receptive surface to paper substrates via the in-line priming unit, improving the ink transfer and adhesion of HP Indigo Electroinks. The primer improves the printability of a wide range of paper substrates, both uncoated and clay-coated papers in varying weights and thicknesses. Pressure-sensitive paper facestocks, including textured papers, are also optimized by the HP Indigo 6000 and 6600 in-line priming unit.

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