New Products

Inspection Lights

October 11, 2012

Unilux has put the old and new into a single stroboscopic inspection light with the introduction of its new LED-Series 2000 family of LED strobes. The new lights combine the operational and environmental benefits of LED lights with the power of traditional xenon-based strobes plus a few more operational benefits, said Mike Simonis, president. The new LED-Series 2000 family comes with a new product-naming convention that corresponds to the coverage area (in millimeters) 50 cm (20 inches) from the light to the inspection area. The new LED-Series2000-500, for example, which replaces the LED 5X2, will emit 2000 lux of illumination on a 500mm width from a distance of 20 inches. This is five times more light than the LED 5X2 produces. In fact, at a flash duration of 35 microseconds, the LED-Series2000-500 puts out as much light as the xenon based LOL IV-20.

Saddle Brook NJ USA