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Electro Optic opens new US production plant

November 29, 2012

Flexible die specialist Electro Optic has opened its new US production plant in Alpharetta, GA, earlier this year. The company’s subsidiary, Electro Optic US, has been a driver for the market acceptance of flexible dies in the US market since its launch in 2003, posting consistent yearly growth.

“The huge demand for high quality flexible dies required to satisfy the demand of the label manufacturers has resulted in continued growth at Electro Optic, requiring timely investment in production capacity,” says Markus Marfurt, president of Electro Optic US. “Superior customer support and a highly consistent product are playing an important role in our growth. The consequent focus on flexible dies of consistently high quality, plus optimum technical consulting and customer care have been well accepted in the American market. Moving our need for additional manufacturing capacity to the US was the logical next step.”

Marfurt contributes much of Electro Optic’s success to the what he says is the unmatched longevity of the DURA coated dies for abrasive materials such as thermal transfer, and the performance of the Gold Line dies for thin gauge liners with 0.92 mil caliper and less.

The new plant features automated equipment including CNC-controlled die-sharpening as well as the Electro Optic patented back-grinding process for flexible dies. At the new facilty, the company’s full line of flexible dies will be manufactured, including Gold Line, Gold Line Special, DURA and DURA Line Special.
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