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inkjet facestocks

November 29, 2012

To serve the inkjet printer market, Acucote has launched Waterjet; a complete line of water-based inkjet printable facestocks. Waterjet facestocks include: 60# Waterjet High Gloss Paper, 60# Waterjet Coated Matte Paper, 2.6mil Gloss White Waterjet Polypropylene and 2.0mil Optically Clear Waterjet Polyester. Waterjet paper facestocks are available at 60" x 2500’ and film facestocks are available at 26" x 2500’. Waterjet facestocks are top-coated. AT4505 all-temperature, acrylic adhesive and OL1 are available for Waterjet products. Custom adhesive and liner combinations are available.

Acucote Inc.
Graham, NC, USA
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