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PC Industries adds proofreading tool

January 23, 2013

PC Industries has formed a partnership with Schlafender Hase of Germany, and is now its representative in the North American market. Schlafender Hase has developed the Text Verification Tool (TVT), an automated proofreading tool designed to quickly and efficiently compare documents of any length. The TVT compares and verifies text, text order and even text formatting, regardless of the layout. Since the application does not change the files, it provides an effective system for all proof-reading needs in regulated environments and pharmaceutical industries.

With the addition of the TVT, PC Industries says it strengthens an already process-complete quality control regiment. Running in tandem with PCI’s Guardian OLP off-line proofing system, the TVT provides a more complete file comparison system. Customers can choose between pixel (layout dependent, graphics capable) and text (layout independent, text only) based comparison for prepress applications.

“Proofing capabilities offered by the combination of the TVT and Guardian OLP are in increasing demand in all printing industries, with particular interest in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and legal industries. This partnership allows both Schlafender Hase and PC Industries to fill this demand and extend its customer base in North America, Latin America, and Europe,” the company says.
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