OTF Security Label

Published May 31, 2013
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3S Simons Security Systems GmbH has developed an OTF security label specifically designed to protect security-relevant devices and premium packaging used for quality products. The new closure seal is based on Secure-ID technology and, according to the company, can be completely removed without leaving any residue behind and residues which might contaminate the protected device are avoided. Only minute changes, such as a gentle push or a slight increase in temperature, will cause the OTF security label to show number strings, logos or different visual elements so that any attempt to tamper with a device or packaging is instantly identified. Based on the counterfeit protection system SECUDATA, micro color code particles have also been added to the label enabling identification of originals. This anti-forgery measure can be combined with traceability systems, such as data matrix or RFID.

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH
Nottuln, Germany

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