New Products


July 17, 2013

H.B. Fuller Company has announced the release of Flextra Fast SF8700/XR1000, the latest addition to its family of Flextra Fast laminating adhesives for flexible packaging converting. According to the company, this new entry offers ultra-fast cure time and ultra-fast time to fill safely with food, even for difficult applications, such as barrier-to-barrier laminating. This new Flextra Fast product accommodates line speeds up to 1200 feet per minute (fpm) with 800 fpm on barrier-to-barrier laminations, slits in as few as six hours and offers PAA decay and pouching in as little as one day. With film and pouch at full performance in one day, packaging is safe for filling with foodstuffs 24 hours after laminating. The Flextra Fast SF8700/XR1000 system is suitable for PET/PE(EVOH), OPA/PE(EVOH), OPA/Alu high barrier systems.

H.B. Fuller
St. Paul, MN, USA