New Products


September 13, 2013

Propen has introduced a new portable marking product, the electro-magnetic M7000, with Touch’n Mark technology.  It is fully mobile, with integrated control unit and belt battery. The M7000 has a 7-inch color touch screen with the ability to use with gloves on. It offers two USB ports, a large memory space with the ability to store more than 2000 files, five standard fonts, the ability to import 100 files in less than five seconds and a fast marking process (10 characters per three seconds). The M7000 gives users the opportunity to engrave products with logos, serial numbers, linear text, data matrix, month, date or year codes. Available accessories include: the M-Travel case, battery belt, docking station, lift ring for balancer, cooling fan and screen protector.

Rillieux la Pape, France