New Products


January 24, 2014

The Accu-Cure Ultraviolet Curing & Drying Unit is engineered for high-speed curing of vinyls, polyesters, paper and other substrates. Its computer-designed cooling system is designed to minimize the level of heat transmitted to stock in the curing chamber. Operators can adjust gate height on the curing head module according to stock thickness and eliminate light leakage. Thanks to variable position wattage selection (300, 200 or 100 watts) the operator also can adjust lamp output to conditions, prolonging life and conserving energy. In addition, the Accu-Cure Ultraviolet Curing Unit draws upon A.W.T.’s Ozone Removal System to safely vent ozone and hot air out of the working area from the point of origin.

The Accu-Cure is available as one of five packages: a complete conveyorized UV curing system with one or two curing heads, vacuum hold-down and exhaust system; curing heads with light guard assembly; vacuum hold-down retro-fit package; additional conveyer sections by the foot; and conveyor unit with vacuum hold-down. A.W.T. offers the Accu-Cure Curing Unit along with the Accu-Cure Compact UV curing Unit and the Accu-Cure 3-D.