New Products


March 13, 2014

Flint Group has introduced the PremoCorr ink series to its packaging inks portfolio. The PremoCorr series of inks are designed to be low maintenance inks for all three levels of the post-print corrugated market. The PremoCorr series is based on building block resin technology for all three corrugated levels that use modifying blocks to obtain desired characteristics. Unlike traditional corrugated inks, the PremoCorr series of inks aim to eliminate the need for the addition of amines to maintain viscosity. The result is a maintenance-free ink with a stable viscosity over a wide pH range. The PremoCorr series of inks are designed to provide exceptional re-solubility, print quality, and rub resistance, resulting in extended use of the package/container while delivering improved visual appeal. PremoCorr inks can be prepared to match accepted color standards as a blended ink, or as part of a dispenser package for corrugated printers.

Flint Group
Plymouth, MN, USA