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    • Ink Innovation

      Ink Innovation

      Steve Katz, Editor||March 9, 2015
      A multitude of products and services are enhancing narrow web printing.

    • Promotional Labels

      Promotional Labels

      Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor||October 14, 2013
      The universal appeal of promotional labels is enjoying a healthy comeback after a challenging few years.

    • Novelty Labels

      Novelty Labels

      By Steve Katz||July 12, 2011
      A converter's offerings in this niche can be anything new, unusual or fun.

    • India

      India's Label Markets

      Steve Katz||January 14, 2009
      India, along with its rich history and culture, also has an emgerging and thriving label market.

    • Gopsons Papers Limited

      Gopsons Papers Limited

      Steve Katz||January 14, 2009
      A diverse product portfolio and strong market positioning are keys to the success of this Indian printing enterprise.

    • Promotional Labeling

      Promotional Labeling

      Steve Katz||November 12, 2008
      Economic strife has retailers, marketers and converters exploring the impact this diverse niche of products can provide.

    • Special Effects Labels

      Special Effects Labels

      Steve Katz||August 21, 2008
      In the wake of the sustainability movement and the desire to be cost effective, special effects labels continue to evolve.