Avery Dennison partners with Global Safety First

By L&NW Staff | 05.12.20

Avery Dennison will help produce and distribute a self-adhesive, NIOSH-certified N95 masks to combat COVID-19.

Avery Dennison has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Global Safety First (GSF) to produce and distribute a self-adhesive, NIOSH-Certified N95 mask as part of the company’s efforts to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The N95 mask is a standard of safety in the health care setting and vitally important to protecting health care workers and patients. GSF’s ReadiMask Self-Adhesive NIOSH-Certified N95 face masks are made with electrostatic particle filtration properties that make them more breathable. They adhere gently to the face with double-coated skin-friendly adhesive, and are available for use in healthcare settings as a COVID-19 countermeasure.

The ReadiMask can form an air-tight seal providing maximum protection while allowing filtration during inhalation and exhalation. The mask is virtually weightless, convenient and easy to use. The design eliminates tight straps or ties that put pressure on the face or get caught in hair. Additionally, ReadiMask has no uncomfortable metal nose clip that can cause skin bruising. The ReadiMask was designed with a very low breathing resistance and may provide a cooler temperature than other similar masks.

“Our partnership with Global Safety First allows us to bring some much needed safety and comfort to frontline health care workers who rely on N95 masks every day for protection. GSF’s unique design, along with our medical manufacturing capabilities and expertise in skin contact adhesives, is helping to bring mask innovation to the healthcare market at a time when it is sorely needed,” says Kirsten Newquist, vice president and general manager, Avery Dennison Medical.

“Health care providers will be required to use increased amounts of PPE for some time to come as a result of this pandemic, and it’s critical that industry responds quickly—not only with increased supply, but with products and equipment that make it easier for healthcare professionals to do their jobs,” adds John Schwind, president, Global Safety First. “We are pleased to partner with Avery Dennison to meet this need.”