About Us

The label printing industry is as dynamic as it’s ever been.
Consolidation, innovation and the proliferation of digital technologies have emerged as the prominent topics dominating the headlines. Over the last few years, label converters have looked at digital printing as not an alternative to flexo, but a complementary process. Today, however, for the first time, the case is being made for digital being a replacement technology to conventional printing. Meanwhile, the flexo industry continues to advance, placing a strong emphasis on operator education, thus making the case for it to remain relevant today and into the future.
With there being such a rapid pace of change within the industry, in order to stay on top, it’s imperative for label converters to stay informed on the latest trends and technologies, new products, as well as industry happenings. This is where Label & Narrow Web comes in. For 23 years, L&NW has been the premier resource for label professionals, as well as those in the branding and packaging fields who want to understand the nuances behind all that goes into label manufacturing. Label & Narrow Web – both in print and online – are additional tools in a converter’s arsenal. L&NW serves as a means for gathering the latest information on emerging technologies, developing markets and news regarding both converters and suppliers alike. Industry professionals ranging from press operators to CEO’s can benefit from L&NW.