• War – Part II

    Last month, I wrote about the inevitability of sustainability conflicting with politics. I gave several examples and finished by commenting on a move by the current administration to suspend environmental reviews to help “jump-start” the…
    Calvin Frost 09.02.20

  • Low spirits

    Low spirits

    Your correspondent recently visited Bidoit, a medium-sized label converter in Cognac. Bidoit is part of a group that recently changed its name to Inessence, and its industrial director, Sébastien Garaboeuf, gave a frank description of how the…
    John Penhallow 09.02.20

  • Plastic alternatives for smart packaging

    Plastic alternatives for smart packaging

    The hunt for materials that can replace plastic is intense. Work is being done on a global scale to find renewable alternatives to plastic so that humanity can reduce the monumental impact on the environment from our use of plastic. Many solutions ar…

  • Do you have a Busia in your business?

    Do you have a Busia in your business?

    Last month I said goodbye to my mother, Virginia LaManna. She was known by friends as Busia, Abuelita and “Virg,” and she was mother and grandmother to all who met her. Mom passed, peacefully and with dignity, with my father beside her an…

  • When e-commerce meets CBD, technology – and labels

    According to a recent report from cannabis researchers BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, the CBD industry is on pace to reach $24 billion by 2023 in the US alone. Its rapid growth trajectory has been fueled mostly by word-of-mouth. But CBD i…
    Steve Katz 09.02.20

  • Pandemic-proof

    Who saw this coming? I know I didn’t, and unless you’re an infectious disease expert, or had intel from within China, you probably didn’t either. Sure, terrible things do happen from time-to-time – natural disasters, school sh…
    Steve Katz 07.13.20

  • ScentsAbility candle labels inspire, touch the heart

    ScentsAbility candle labels inspire, touch the heart

    Some organizations are expanding their messaging to inspire and motivate consumers.
    Mark Lusky 07.13.20

  • Accessibility, freshness highlight new packaging

    Accessibility, freshness highlight new packaging

    Since we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure products are ultra-clean and ready for takeout are the new norms for businesses. Honest Marijuana Company has adopted this philosophy, as the company packages its cannabis in individual t…

  • Pick up your keys

    Pick up your keys

    In good times or bad, you must take control and make the big decisions, especially about the future of your business. You may want to throw your keys down on the table and say, “I’m done with this.” If you’re done, go. If not…
    Rock LaManna 07.10.20

  • War – Part One

    War – Part One

    I read somewhere that Mark Twain and Helen Keller were good friends and wrote each other on a regular basis. In one of her letters to Twain, Keller ridiculed her work as not very original.  Twain replied, “Don’t worry, there is very…
    Calvin Frost 07.10.20

  • A tide of debt keeps Europe afloat

    A tide of debt keeps Europe afloat

    Still groggy, Europe is picking itself up and starting to count the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. The figures are so enormous they beggar belief. Germany, always the most tight-fisted of European countries, passed a supplementary budget of around $1…
    John Penhallow 07.10.20

  • Paying close attention to labels is critical right now

    COVID-19 and all its ramifications have severely shaken public confidence about what to believe and trust. Now is the time for product manufacturers to double down on all quality issues related to their products – including labels. In the pr…
    Mark Lusky 06.04.20

  • Multi-Color helps Dasani go green

    Multi-Color helps Dasani go green

    Since sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s packaging world, Multi-Color is striving to find ways to make labels as environmentally friendly as possible for its customers. Knowing that Coca-Cola has interest in r…

  • Ready for the burn?

    Ready for the burn?

    Enjoyed a good couple of years? Happy customers? Irrelevant. New press and plenty of capacity? Good luck. Had a generous offer to buy your business? Feeling regretful? The past is past. What matters now is cash. Lots and lots of cash. For 12 month…
    Rock LaManna 06.04.20

  • What will tomorrow bring?

    Today’s challenges are sudden and relentless.
    Jack Kenny 06.04.20

  • Golden opportunity

    Golden opportunity

    The one positive aspect of COVID-19 is a slowdown in climate change. Think about it: fewer cars mean less pollution, less manufacturing means less waste, and less human activity means less environmental disruption.  On the other hand, stay-at…
    Calvin Frost 06.04.20

  • Too big to fail – will European governments step in to help COVID-stricken giants?

    Too big to fail – will European governments step in to help COVID-stricken giants?

    The German business magazine Handelsblatt has no time for sensationalism. It was all the more surprising to read its recent analysis of Heidelberg, the German print machinery maker often described as “too big to fail.” The recent departur…
    John Penhallo 06.04.20

  • Review, rethink label claims in light of coronavirus

    One of the most important customer service functions a product manufacturer can perform is to provide accurate, clear and complete information about what the product can and can’t do. However, manufacturers sometimes stretch claims and use hype…
    Mark Lusky 04.03.20

  • Differentiating with double-sided labels

    Differentiating with double-sided labels

    When designing their product packaging, brands need to weigh two competing imperatives: Keep packaging costs down to maximize profit, and differentiate the product to increase sales. These goals are inherently at odds, and for lower-margin produ…

  • Seven ways to let go when you lose your job

    If you’ve lost your job recently, you may have noticed that the world of job loss and job search is very different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. These days, employees in the narrow web and label manufacturing sector can lose their jobs for ma…
    Rock LaManna 04.03.20