• Capitalize on the FDA’s push for bigger, bolder labels

    Giving people easily deciphered and digested information about what they’re consuming has become key to health and safety.
    Mark Lusky 03.05.20

  • Voice activation targets labels and packaging

    Respond Fast Voice Activated Calls To Action (VACTA) are changing the way consumers interact with labels and packaging. People increasingly are requesting and responding via smart speakers and voice assistants instead of going to a website, texting o…

  • Letting go when the timeline is short

    Letting go when the timeline is short

    Family businesses have complex personal dynamics that affect how big decisions are made, especially when the timeline is short and the stakes are high.
    Rock LaManna 03.05.20

  • Fun facts about packaging

    Fun facts about packaging

    Impress your friends and colleagues with these industry gems.
    Jack Kenny 03.05.20

  • Turning waste into gold

    A new process could potentially change the waste and recycling markets.
    Calvin Frost 03.05.20

  • The healthy, wealthy business of pharma labeling

    The healthy, wealthy business of pharma labeling

    The annual Pharmapack show in January of this year hosted more than 400 exhibitors, including around 50 directly connected with labels.
    John Penhallow 03.05.20

  • Customer Service Drives

    2020 Label Printing Advancements
    Mark Lusky 01.31.20

  • Integrated labeling helps medical marijuana company grow

    Integrated labeling helps medical marijuana company grow

    Since medical marijuana was legalized in Ohio in 2016, companies that cultivate and process medical marijuana, as well as the plants themselves, have been popping up around the state. Grow Ohio, a dual-licensed Level 1 cultivator and processor, was…

  • What does it mean to let go?

    When I say the phrase “let go” or “letting go,” what comes to mind? I recently asked that question to friends and clients. Here are a few responses: Giving up, surrendering Hanging on and then falling Letting down your de…
    Rock LaManna 01.31.20

  • What’s trending?

    Trends teach us how to think, sell and profit.
    Jack Kenny 01.31.20

  • The asteroid is us

    The asteroid is us

    As we begin 2020, I am struck by the discordance that is here in America. Am I alone in hearing these voices? I see and hear a lack of harmony, a lack of balance. Every time we pick up a newspaper, or watch television, there is another story of polit…
    Calvin Frost 01.31.20

  • If you want to make money…

    If you want to make money…

    Readers of this column may remember the recent acquisitions by Italy’s Fedrigoni group, now becoming a major European producer of labelstock. The company’s security printing division is still waiting to know if it has won a major contract…
    John Pennhallow 01.31.20

  • Great products and branding make a powerful pair

    In a hot market, branding matters. In a slow market, branding matters. While product quality should always be the top criterion for assessing product worth, there’s no doubt that beautiful branding is a strong contributing factor to public perc…
    Mark Lusky 11.15.19

  • Smart Crates

    Smart Crates

    Packaging in Africa just got a lot smarter thanks to Silafrica, the Kenya-based packaging company, and Smart Crates, which integrates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags for real-time data collection and more…

  • Integrity Action Plan

    12 steps to raise your integrity IQ
    Rock LaManna 11.15.19

  • Labels, legislation and cannabis

    Unless you sit down and actually read the regulations governing the legal use of cannabis, you probably don’t have a clue how long and exhaustive they are. Included in those legislative volumes are rules about labeling and packaging. Every indu…
    Jack Kenny 11.15.19

  • Sacrifice and survival

    Sacrifice and survival

    Can “sacrifice zones” create positive change? I think so. First, what is a sacrifice zone?  It is “a geographic area that has been impaired by environmental damage or economic disenchantment.”  Think of the southern…
    Calvin Frost 11.15.19

  • Want a quanta?

    Want a quanta?

    Every other press release you read today seems to announce a quantum leap, which usually turns out to be nothing more exciting than a slightly improved widget. Just occasionally, however, the label world experiences a change so radical it would have…
    John Penhallow 11.15.19

  • The innovative leader

    Build the team, then let it run.
    Jack Kenny 10.11.19

  • Invasive plants and animals

    “For my people are foolish…they are stupid children, they have no understanding. I looked on the earth, and lo, it was waste and void; and to the heavens, and they had no light. I looked on the mountains and they have quaking, and all th…
    Calvin Frost 10.11.19