• Your employees are customers, too

    Employees can be a company’s best asset to create and test out marketing, branding and customer service strategies. An article by Forbes’ Micah Solomon makes this point in a recent piece entitled, “Employees Are Customers Too.&rdquo…
    Mark Lusky 10.12.18

  • From six-pack to Snap Pack

    From six-pack to Snap Pack

    Carlsberg, one of the world’s leading brewery groups, has announced a series of innovations including its new Snap Pack, which is set to reduce plastic waste globally by more than 1,200 tons a year – the equivalent to 60 million plastic b…

  • ‘Kids these days’ can teach Baby Boomers something special

    As I moved into my sixties, I was fully expecting to repeat a phrase uttered by my parents, and their parents as well: “Kids these days.” Yep, I was ready to say it, shake my head, and then start talking about how we used to do thin…
    Rock LaManna 10.12.18

  • Color and packaging

    There’s more to color than ink.
    Jack Kenny 10.12.18

  • Improving photosynthesis

    Improving photosynthesis

    Photosynthesis is the essence of life, in more than one way or another. In photosynthesis, plants use the energy of the sun to turn air and water into sugar, the food that plants use to build their tissue that feeds the world.  When we emit carb…
    Calvin Frost 10.12.18

  • Suitable statistics

    Suitable statistics

    We all know how Winston Churchill viewed statistics – “Lies, damned lies and statistics.” He, like some other heads of government, was not averse to picking out the statistics that suited him. But when European label association FIN…
    John Penhallow 10.12.18

  • Labels truly can be a life, death and health influence

    From allergies to aspartame, does packaging disclose enough?
    Mark Lusky 09.10.18

  • Packaging for health and safety

    Packaging for health and safety

    Keystone Folding Box Co., a designer and cGMP manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has developed a modified, customizable version of its Ecosite-RX prescription blister package to address the ongoing opioid epidemic currently taking place…

  • Integrity matters: Doing the right thing when no one else is around

    People often define integrity as doing the right thing when no one else is around. That’s a great line from an article on business integrity written by Brenda Barnes. I think it really hits home, because today, more than ever, it seems like &ld…
    Rock LaManna 09.10.18

  • Working the show

    There’s more to Labelexpo than strolling the aisles.
    Jack Kenny 09.10.18

  • Sustainable investing

    Sally came to dinner the other evening. We don’t see her as much now that Bob is gone.  She lives north in the summer, south in the winter and west in between. Who knows where she is or when? It was kind of fun to semi-listen to her update…
    Calvin Frost 09.10.18

  • Sticks and carrots

    Sticks and carrots

    In the July/August issue of L&NW, Calvin Frost, author of Letters from the Earth, took a hard look at sustainability and recycling. He concluded that to get from here to there America needs markets, technology and education. Much the same appli…
    John Penhallow 09.10.18

  • ‘Share a Coke’ comes to India, HP’s champagne packaging collaboration

    ‘Share a Coke’ comes to India, HP’s champagne packaging collaboration

    With the aim to provide unique experiences and enhance personal engagement with consumers, HP Inc. has collaborated with Coca-Cola to bring the famous “Share a Coke” campaign to India. The initiative aims to give people the opportunity…

  • When do you start to think about the end of your career?

    I saw an interesting quote from LeBron James, the NBA’s premier player. He was being asked about his career trajectory, and he waxed philosophic in a way that rang true with not only me, but I’m sure many of my clients. “As you g…

  • The art of listening

    Customers know when you’re not paying close attention.
    Jack Kenny 07.13.18

  • A monster of a problem

    A monster of a problem

    Folks, we have a problem. Neither the “love” potion as postulated at the royal wedding by the Most Right Reverend Michael Curry, the presiding head of the American Episcopal Church, nor the love messages from Bob Dylan and others of 50 ye…
    Calvin Frost 07.13.18

  • Old Wine in Old Bottles

    Old Wine in Old Bottles

    A couple of thousand years ago, the Greek colony of Antipolis, now Antibes on the French Riviera, was an important trading post. Amber, tin, slaves and wood went south in exchange for Mediterranean specialties like olive oil and wine. In the Antibes…
    John Penhallow 07.13.18

  • Chewy shows convergence of marketing and customer service

    Offer superb customer service, and promote it on labels and packaging.
    Mark Lusky 07.13.18

  • Now is the month of Maying…

    Now is the month of Maying…

    When merry lads are playing. And here in France they had lots of time for it this month. The first (Mayday), eighth (VE Day), 10th (Ascension Day) and 21st (Whit-Monday) were all public holidays. Then we have the tradition of the “Pont,”…
    John Penhallow 05.25.18

  • What’s On The Outside Is What Counts

    What’s On The Outside Is What Counts

    With one-third of consumer purchasing decisions based on packaging alone, premium packaging has a huge influence on buying decisions and creates ripple effects in word-of-mouth advertising and social media. In addition to sparking interest and pushin…
    Jared Powell 05.25.18