• Great products and branding make a powerful pair

    In a hot market, branding matters. In a slow market, branding matters. While product quality should always be the top criterion for assessing product worth, there’s no doubt that beautiful branding is a strong contributing factor to public perc…
    Mark Lusky 11.15.19

  • Smart Crates

    Smart Crates

    Packaging in Africa just got a lot smarter thanks to Silafrica, the Kenya-based packaging company, and Smart Crates, which integrates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags for real-time data collection and more…

  • Integrity Action Plan

    12 steps to raise your integrity IQ
    Rock LaManna 11.15.19

  • Labels, legislation and cannabis

    Unless you sit down and actually read the regulations governing the legal use of cannabis, you probably don’t have a clue how long and exhaustive they are. Included in those legislative volumes are rules about labeling and packaging. Every indu…
    Jack Kenny 11.15.19

  • Sacrifice and survival

    Sacrifice and survival

    Can “sacrifice zones” create positive change? I think so. First, what is a sacrifice zone?  It is “a geographic area that has been impaired by environmental damage or economic disenchantment.”  Think of the southern…
    Calvin Frost 11.15.19

  • Want a quanta?

    Want a quanta?

    Every other press release you read today seems to announce a quantum leap, which usually turns out to be nothing more exciting than a slightly improved widget. Just occasionally, however, the label world experiences a change so radical it would have…
    John Penhallow 11.15.19

  • The innovative leader

    Build the team, then let it run.
    Jack Kenny 10.11.19

  • Invasive plants and animals

    “For my people are foolish…they are stupid children, they have no understanding. I looked on the earth, and lo, it was waste and void; and to the heavens, and they had no light. I looked on the mountains and they have quaking, and all th…
    Calvin Frost 10.11.19

  • Countering contraband

    Readers of this column may remember that in conformity with European legislation, France recently introduced measures to combat cigarette smuggling by using security labels. The Imprimerie Nationale (now renamed IN Groupe to make it sound a little le…
    John Penhallow 10.11.19

  • BlindSpotz keeps consumers safe

    BlindSpotz keeps consumers safe

    As high pressure processing (HPP) grows to provide consumers foods with natural flavors and free of preservatives, the most important job of HPP is to keep consumers safe from harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. The gap in that pro…

  • Make your ethical framework simple and memorable

    If your company is like most, your employees are winging it when it comes to integrity and ethics. We may think our people are internally equipped to handle ethical issues at work, but they should not have to guess what to do. It is the responsibi…
    Rock LaManna 10.11.19

  • Labels can meet many customer service needs

    From education to safeguarding consumers, labels provide a first line of customer service. One need look no further than two emergent industries, CBD and vape, to see critical roles labels play. Regulation, verification, education and consumer fea…
    Mark Lusky 10.11.19

  • Tiny type labels do not serve customer interests

    Labels with tiny type are a customer disservice—one that can be avoided by getting thoughtful and proactive about how labels can be developed. There are a variety of ways to refer consumers to more extended sources of information off-label via…
    Mark Lusky 09.06.19

  • HP gives Nosco a packaging boost

    HP gives Nosco a packaging boost

    Nosco, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., has announced its entrance into the printed flexible packaging space using HP Indigo technologies. As it deepens its digital footprint in the US, Nosco will utilize the HP Indigo 20000 digital pre…

  • All the little lies

    If you are trying to improve your marriage, do you think the marriage counselor says, “Be sure to tell lots of little lies.” Do you know what I mean by a little lie? “Traffic was bad. It took longer to get home.” It&r…
    Rock LaManna 09.06.19

  • Is it first?

    An effective safety program reaches into all areas of a business.
    Jack Kenny 09.06.19

  • French leave

    With Labelexpo Europe on the horizon, you could expect Europe’s label sector to be in a white heat of frenzied activity. Except that it isn’t, or at least not in August in France. The minimum length of annual paid leave here is five weeks…
    John Penhallow 09.06.19

  • Palm oil

    Several issues ago I wrote about synthetics, manmade chemistries, if you will. I had numerous e-mails about that one, some positive and some not so positive. Such is life! But I have a post script to that column. I just read a wonderful opinion piece…
    Calvin Frost 09.04.19

  • Emulate showcases why label design,print quality are so important

    Donnelly, ID-based Emulate Natural Care, Inc. attests to the power and profitability of having well-designed, professionally printed custom labels. A woman-owned business founded in 2003, Emulate is a major contributor to the local economy, has recei…
    Mark Lusky 07.10.19

  • IML makes hummus packaging sustainable

    IML makes hummus packaging sustainable

    Lilly’s Foods, an Oregon-based company leading the hummus and salsa categories with its non-GMO, small batch recipes, touts 100% recyclable packaging, including tub and label. The brand has made efforts to commit to increasing sustainability ov…