• Label Insights:  FLEXcon details the importance of material selection

  • Films


    This growing segment must meet demand for aesthetics and sustainability.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 07.16.21

  • Mid-Year Economic Report

    Mid-Year Economic Report

    The resilient label industry has responded to a host of challenges, ranging from the pandemic to natural disasters.
    Greg Hrinya and Steve Katz 07.16.21

  • RFID Update

    RFID Update

    Healthcare and logistics are among the sectors driving the growth and adoption of this smart technology.
    Steve Katz, Associate Editor 07.16.21

  • Narrow Web Profile:  Leapin’ Lizard Labels

    Narrow Web Profile: Leapin’ Lizard Labels

    Digital printing and a creative workplace atmosphere have propelled Todd and Maureen Boyt’s team in Fort Collins, CO.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 07.16.21

  • Label Insights:  Domino prepares customers for digital printing success

    Label Insights: Domino prepares customers for digital printing success

    Patrick LaMourie, Digital Solutions Manager at Domino, talks to L&NW about his company's initiatives designed to promote entrance into this trending space.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 06.03.21

  • Taking Ownership

    Taking Ownership

    Domino’s flexible leasing program allows label converters to go digital without breaking the bank.
    Steve Katz, Associate Editor 06.03.21

  • Beauty & Personal Care Labels

    Beauty & Personal Care Labels

    Consumers are seeking brands that match their values in these prominent labeling segments.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 06.03.21

  • Release Liners

    Release Liners

    These label materials account for a small part of the packaging solution but can make a big impact on a converter’s bottom line.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 06.03.21

  • Narrow Web Profile:  Label Solutions, Inc.

    Narrow Web Profile: Label Solutions, Inc.

    This Texas converter has relied on great technology and even better people to fuel exponential growth.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 06.03.21

  • Label Insights: Kocher + Beck highlights GapMaster enhancements

  • Die Technology

    Die Technology

    The latest diecutting equipment, which increasingly utilizes automation, has been optimized for faster speeds and a variety of substrates.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 04.13.21

  •  Ink Innovation

    Ink Innovation

    Developing sustainable ink products that meet the latest printing demands has been key for suppliers.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 04.13.21

  • E-Commerce Labels

    E-Commerce Labels

    The growing trend of online ordering is significantly impacting label and packaging suppliers and converters.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 04.13.21

  • Contingency Planning

    Contingency Planning

    The pandemic has illustrated the importance of peer relationships and group membership when faced with unforeseen circumstances.
    Steve Katz, Contributing Editor 04.13.21

  • Narrow Web Profile:  Executive Label

    Narrow Web Profile: Executive Label

    Rich and Peggy Preiser have built a booming business through hard work and dedicated customer service.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 04.13.21

  • Anilox Rolls

    Anilox Rolls

    The “heart of flexo” is a critical component in efficiently printing high-quality, defect-free labels and packaging.
    Steve Katz, Contributing Editor 03.04.21

  • Food Labels

    Food Labels

    This prominent end-use segment has seen its popularity soar with a consumer-base seeking safety and quality from its packaging.
    Greg Hrinya, Editor 03.04.21

  • Flexo Presses

    Flexo Presses

    Automation and wider widths are transforming the future of this vital printing technology.