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GSE Dispensing unveils waste-free ink logistics


The inks comprise dispensing systems for solvent, water-based and UV inks, ink bucket washers and ink management software.

GSE Dispensing (Booth 558) has introduced ink logistics solutions that enable label and packaging printers to reduce costs throughout the workflow and achieve repeatable color, on-demand – regardless of ink set used. Designed for flexo, gravure and screen ink applications, these comprise dispensing systems for solvent, water-based and UV inks, ink bucket washers and integrated ink management software.

GSE is also using the new slogan "Nothing to Waste." Maarten Hummelen, marketing director at GSE Dispensing explains:

“Maximizing value in manufacturing depends on eliminating expenditure of all related resources that do not create added value for the customer. Everything we do at GSE Dispensing is focused on helping printers eliminate waste at all stages, from procurement to product delivery. Beyond the waste of ink itself, this includes time, materials, tools, techniques, people and space. Our approach has helped over 1,000 printers worldwide gain control of their processes and boost profitability, and our Labelexpo Americas stand gives visitors a first-hand appreciation of the possibilities.”

GSE’s Colorsat range of modular dispensing systems mix and dispense inks, to precise quality and quantity specifications, in minutes. Benefits are reduced setup times, ink-yield improvements of over 30% thanks to easy re-use of press-return inks, a cleaner color mixing environment and better stock management.

The dispensers cater for the full range of ink sets and volumes commonly required in flexo, gravure and screen package printing. For label-printing applications, the company offers two automatic systems that dispense spot colors in 1kg to 10kg volumes and vary in the way they store the base inks.

The Colorsat Switch dispenser, for aqueous, UV-curable and solvent inks, can be connected to a maximum of 20 exchangeable buckets of max. 25 kg, stored by modular waterfall frames. It is also possible to connect high-volume components to the dispenser (e.g. 200-litre barrels or 1,000-litre containers). The Colorsat Match dispenser prepares aqueous and UV-curable inks from a maximum of 20 base components. It comes with fixed, refillable storage tanks as standard: 10 with a 20-liter capacity and a further two with a 40-liter capacity. It can be extended with extra internal 20-liter tanks, external barrels or containers for high-volume components. GSE's Ink Management Software (IMS), a user-friendly production management tool, can be integrated with the packaging converter’s chosen color formulation software, as well. IMS enables viewing of recipe data and ink costings related to each job, storing of new color specifications, re-use of return inks. It also allows ingredient tracking through the supply chain.