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Flexo Maid demonstrates award-winning anilox cleaning system


Aeromaid, a non-abrasive and contact-free cleaner, earned the company the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award.

Canada-based Flexomaid, in booth 1437, is featuring at Labelexpo its award-winning Aeromaid anilox cleaning technology.  Flexomaid received the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award for Aeromaid, an off-press air-stream anilox cleaning system that is non-abrasive and contact-free.

The key to the Aeromaid system is its “smart” powerhead. Equipped with an advanced laser sensor, the powerhead detects the roll’s characteristics – diameter, length, surface – to optimize the rotation speed and powerhead movement pattern to provide consistent deep cleaning for any roll format. With its precision air-stream powerhead, Aeromaid  uses the minimal quantity of detergent and rinsing agent to ensure optimal cleaning results.

“In surveys, printers have told us that they need different types of roll cleaning for different situations. To meet those needs, we’ve included three customizable cleaning cycles – the express, daily and deep cycles – starting at just eight minutes per roll,” says Éric Thibault, Flexomaid’s business development director, adding, “Reduced cleaning times result in decreased downtime and increased productivity.”

Disposing of fluid waste is a growing environmental concern for label printers, Thibault adds. “Fluid waste disposal can be a major expense, limiting profitability,” he says. “With Aeromaid, you eliminate fluid waste management expenditures. An absorbent paper mat beneath the roll collects the few drops of wet residue. A specially-designed conveyor automatically displaces the paper mat a few inches after every cleaning.” System features include contactless deep cleaning for any cell volume, line screen or surface geometry, and the cleaning head does not spray any solid media or generate any wet residue. Affordable and eco-friendly technology, Thibault notes that the technology is safe for bearings, gears, aluminum and sleeves. The biodegradable soy-based detergents effectively remove UV, water-based and solvent-based inks. Fresh detergent solution is used in each cleaning cycle.