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Maan Engineering launches Hybrid coating technology


The coating line allows users to produce both laminate and linerless labels.

Labelexpo visitors are acquainting themselves for the first time with the new Hybrid technology at Maan Engineering's Hybird Lamination Coating Line, a coating line that allows users to produce both laminate and linerless labels. Hybrid coating technology symbolizes "the innovative power of the Dutch firm Maan Engineering," the company says.

Maan Engineering's new technology is used in the Hotmelt Coating Station which, together with the Silicone Coating Station, forms the heart of the Maan range. The basis of the Hybrid technology is that, when switching from laminate to linerless, the Hotmelt Coating Station is rotated. Thus both sides of the paper or foil strip can be coated with hotmelt. In concrete terms, that means that the station can be used not only for laminate, but also for linerless. And the switch takes just 15 minutes. 

Hybrid technology offers label printers new possibilities. Using different coating and converting techniques in a single line and applying the adhesive and silicone themselves, they can make special laminates that distinguish them from their competitors. What's more, research has demonstrated that it is lucrative for printers to produce their own laminate. Furthermore, Hybrid technology brings the relatively small linerless market within reach of every label printer. And so the hybrid technology gives label printers a massive competitive lead in the market.