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Jack Kenny
March 9, 2015
Can you trademark a packaging color? Maybe, maybe not.  Read More »
Jack Kenny
January 26, 2015
From art to science, an industry evolves quickly.  Read More »
Jack Kenny
November 17, 2014
A hundred lawsuits lead food marketers to back off on some claims.  Read More »
Jack Kenny
October 10, 2014
Lawsuits rise in the US against claims made on labels.  Read More »
Digital’s steady growth
Jack Kenny
September 9, 2014
A necessity in today’s label shop, digital print continues its advance.  Read More »
Nutrition Facts: Big changes coming?
Jack Kenny
July 21, 2014
The US government and Big Food have their own ideas about nutrient info.  Read More »
June 2, 2014
Technology marches on for critical detection of temperature change and elapsed time.  Read More »
Jack Kenny
April 15, 2014
A few basics about a complex process that could change your bottom line.  Read More »
Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor
March 13, 2014
Trade shows and associations are critical to individual and industry success.  Read More »
Jack Kenny
January 24, 2014
Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. Enhance the one, subdue the other. One plant has the power to do both. Hundreds of thousands are in prisons today for possessing that one plant. In the United States over the past few years, 20 states have decide…  Read More »
Jack Kenny
November 21, 2013
A sparkling plant improves work, product and sales.  Read More »
Science and glue
Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor
October 14, 2013
Lab masters study nature, babies and tape for new ideas.  Read More »
New sticker makes humans invisible (to mosquitos)
Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor
September 13, 2013
A California team pits a self-adhesive patch against the disease-bearing insects.  Read More »
Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor
July 17, 2013
Small label shops carry on in an increasingly complex century.  Read More »
A map for matrix recycling
Jack Kenny, Contributing Editor
May 31, 2013
Avery Dennison’s interactive map shows options to landfilling in the USA.  Read More »

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