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Impression Technology Europe expands Eclipse range

October 7, 2013

The UK-based company has added three new models to its Eclipse range of cutting, slitting and finishing machines.

UK based developers Impression Technology Europe (ITE) is expanding its Eclipse range of label cutting, slitting and finishing machines with three new models. All are cross market machines that sit just as easily in the world of small order production as they do in bulk supply.

The LF330 digital label finishing machine is, according to ITE, the bigger brother of the LF3. The specifications for the new model are based on the original but have been expanded to handle larger media packages as well as increase productivity. The LF330 boasts double digital label cutting heads giving the user the option of single or double cutting. In single blade operation the machine can produce up to 5.1m per min whilst in twin blade mode this rises to up to 10.2m per minute. It has a web width of 100mm - 330mm and can handle rolls of media up to 400mm diameter. With self-wind lamination and full waste matrix the LF330 really packs in the specifications. What is amazing is that it packs them into such a small package. As with other machines in the Eclipse range this is a compact machine that does not demand acres of space making it ideal for either the start-up business or the established label printer looking to add productivity to their business. The LF330 is built to the same high industrial standards as its smaller brother and has been designed as a machine that is not afraid of work.

The second of the new models is the Eclipse UW-1 label un-wind device ideal for those post production jobs. It has a web width of 100mm to 220mm and can accommodate rolls of media up to 650mm diameter. It has, as standard, a loop sensing system with either automatic or manual operation and an un-wind speed of up to 35m per minute. The UW-1 is not a complicated machine. It is simple to operate, easy to accommodate and will make a worth addition to any production plane. Whilst being designed with the small order market in mind this machine, like all those supplied by ITE, sits very comfortably in high production print rooms.

The third, and final, part of the package of new models is the Eclipse RW-1 finished label rewind device. Although badged as a rewind machine the RW-1 has o-board 3 knife slitting blades as standard so it does, in truth, do a little more than just rewind. It has a rewind speed of up to 35m per minute and can accommodate rolls of media up to 40mm diameter. It has a twin finished label rewind system with the ability to forward or reverse wind independently as well as a loop-sensing system with automatic or manual operation as well as a label counter with pre-set and auto off.

The LF330, the UW-1 and the RW-1, all carrying the Eclipse label, are available to order now.
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