VideoBite: Label Solutions goes digital with Durst

VideoBite: Label Solutions goes digital with Durst

L&NW talks to Label Solutions' president Chris Merlick about his company's decision to invest in the Durst RSC-E UV inkjet label press.

Even though Chris Merlick, Label Solutions president, has always relied on his expertise to push the boundaries of flexo, he increasingly saw the value in digital printing. As the company’s runs have gotten shorter and SKUs have proliferated, Merlick and Justin Wright, COO and CFO, went to work on scouting out the latest and greatest digital presses on the market today.

"Through our testing, Durst really rose to the top," says Merlick. "We felt that with the 1200 dpi technology and 2 picoliter ink, we’re able to put down a real differentiator in terms of quality. Given that we’re selling ourselves as a premium provider of labels, that was a big part of it. The 1200 dpi technology and the number of Pantone colors we’re able to match with the expanded gamut ink really drove us to Durst.

“The Durst is a Ferrari in a sea of Chevrolets,” he adds
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