Label & Narrow Web Magazine

January/February 2022

  • Narrow Web Profile: Brook + Whittle

    Narrow Web Profile: Brook + Whittle

    Acquisitions, sustainability and culture are driving this leading North American label manufacturer.

  • Static Control

    Static Control

    Suppliers are up on the latest industry trends, developing static control products that keep pace with an evolving industry.

  • Inspection Equipment Ensures Quality

    Inspection Equipment Ensures Quality

    Quality control technology is adapting to a more automated, connected converting process.

  • Paper Innovation

    Paper Innovation

    The newest paper substrates have been designed for performance and sustainability.

  • Food Packaging

    Food Packaging

    Standing out on the shelf is just one element of succeeding in this vibrant vertical.

  • S-OneLP embraces sustainability

    S-OneLP embraces sustainability

    The company has been recognized for its environmentally-friendly products and practices.